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Semi-autonomous Exploration Robot in Disaster Area [ October 2018 ~ Present ]

Research Background
Semantic Survey Map Building Framework
In this research, we propose a semi-autonomous mobile robot system that builds a wide area survey map including semantic information to carry out damage monitoring in disaster area such as Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant station. To this end, following technologies are developed and SMLO loop-based seamless integration is realized as shown in Fig. 1.

• A sensor system that measure heat source, radiation source, water source, other substance information as well as color and shape information in the environment.
• SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) scheme that generates precise a wide area semantic survey map for learning-based motion generation of the mobile robot.
• A route generation system that perform reinforcement learning based on the built map from the SLAM scheme. An operator is able to control the robot semi-automatically based on the generated route.

The generated semantic survey map can be used for prevention of secondary disasters and recovery plans given that it contains useful information for the disaster environment.

Fig. 1 Conceptual image of semantic survey map building process based on SMLO loop.
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