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Military UGV [ January 2010 ~ March 2013 ]

Platform and Sensor Configuration
Pioneer 3AT (all terrain)
• The most popular outdoor robot
• Length: 0.65m, Height: 0.2m, Width: 0.66m
• Max speed : 0.7m/s, slope mobility : 25°, max payload : 30kg

Fig. 1 Platform and sensor configuration
Research Contents
DSM (digital surface model)
• Most popular maps to represent outdoor environments generated using an aerial mapping system
• Digital representation of ground surface using 2D grids
• Each grid has a single elevation information (2.5D)
• There are many discrepancies (DSM vs. real environment)

Fig. 2 Example of DSM built by aerial mapping system

Local 3D Map
• Accurate representation of the real outdoor environments built by a robot with tilting laser scanner
• Each grid contains the number of surface level and the minimum, maximum elevation at each level
• ICP (iterative closest points)-based integration of local maps (outdoor SLAM)

Fig. 3 ICP-based outdoor 3D SLAM

Combination of DSM and Satellite Image for Virtual Reality
• Texture mapping on DSM using satellite image
• We can confirm the understanding of environment become much easier than before combination of satellite image

Fig. 4 Combination of DSM and satellite image for virtual reality

Particle filter-based outdoor localization
• Localization by matching the environment model and sensor data
• Reference map is built by aerial mapping system or robot with tilting laser scanner
• Monte Carlo localization (MCL): based on range sensor for map matching

Fig. 5 Concept of map matching-based outdoor localization

Mov. 1 Particle filter-based local localization based on DSM

Accurate update of DSM by using local 3D map
• To overcome the limitation of DSM representation
• 2.5D DSM and local 3D map can be represented at once

Fig. 6 Effect of updating DSM: non-updated DSM built by aerial mapping system, and updated DSM fused with local elevation map

Mov. 2 Accurate update of DSM by using local 3D map

Related Paper
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