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Construction of Intelligent Space [ April 2014 ~ May 2019 ]

Research Background
Automatic Calibration of Camera Sensor Network
Figure 1 (a) illustrates an example of the map information which is built by typical simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) schemes. However, considering human-robot coexistence environments, the map information, which is a static model, cannot deal with such dynamic environments because it cannot reflect changes in the environment (e.g., moving objects, etc.). On the other hand, the concept of an intelligent space, as illustrated in Fig. 1 (b), which constructs a distributed sensor network in an external environment, can monitor what is occurring in it.

Distributed sensor networks installed in external environments can recognize various events that occur in the space, so that such intelligent space can be of much service in human–robot coexistence environments, as shown in Fig. 1 (b). Distributed camera sensor networks with multi-camera systems provide the most general infrastructure for constructing such intelligent space. In order to obtain reliable information from such a system, pre-calibration of all the cameras in the environment (i.e., determining the absolute positions and orientations of each camera) is an essential task that is extremely tedious. This research considers the automatic calibration method for camera sensor networks based on 3D texture map information of a given environment as shown in Fig. 1(a). In other words, this research solves a global localization problem for the poses of the camera sensor networks given the 3D texture map information. The proposed complete 6DOF calibration system in this research only uses the environment map information; therefore, the proposed scheme easily calibrates its parameters. The results shown in Mov. 1 demonstrate that the proposed system can calibrate complete external camera parameters successfully.

Fig. 1 Environmental information: (a) static information from map and (b) dynamic information from sensor network which is components of intelligent space.

Mov. 1 Experimental results of automatic calibration of camera sensor network using wireless IP camera.

Indoor Positioning System Based on Distributed Camera Sensor Network
An importance of accurate position estimation in the field of mobile robot navigation cannot be overemphasized. In case of an outdoor environment, a global positioning system (GPS) is widely used to measure the position of moving objects. However, the satellite based GPS does not work indoors. This research proposes an indoor positioning system (IPS) that uses calibrated camera sensor networks for mobile robot navigation.

The IPS information is obtained by generating a bird's-eye image from multiple camera images; thus, our proposed IPS can provide accurate position information when the moving object is detected from multiple camera views. We evaluate the proposed IPS in a real environment in a wireless camera sensor network. The results shown in Mov. 2 demonstrate that the proposed IPS based on the camera sensor network can provide accurate position information of moving objects.

Mov. 2 Experimental results of IPS for mobile robot localization.

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